Language of Math


poly– means “many”
uni– and mono– mean 1
bi– means 2
tri– means 3
quad– means 4
quin– and pent– mean 5
hex– and sex– mean 6
sept– and hept– mean 7
oct– means 8
non– means 9
dec– means 10
deci– means tenth (1/10)
cent– means hundred (100)centi– means hundredth (1/100)
kilo– means thousand (1,000)milli– means thousandth (1/1,000)
mega– means milllion (1,000,000)
micro– means millionth (1/1,000,000)
mil– means thousand (1,000)
nano– means billionth (1/1,000,000,000)


gon– means “angle” (polygon = many angle)
–lateral means “side” (quadrilateral = four sides)
dia– means “across”
–meter means “measure” (Diameter—measure across the circle)

Other definitions

mile means “1,000 paces”.
million means “1,000 thousands”.
A millennium is 1,000 years.

squared means “to the second power”.
cubed means “to the third power”.

Denominate means “to name.”
Numerate means “to specify the number of…”.
The denominator of a fraction is “the name of the fraction,” and tells “the number of equal parts in the whole.”
Since the denominator gives the name of the fraction, the denominator is a noun.
The numerator of a fraction is “the number of equal parts being used.”
Since the numerator tells us “the number of,” the numerator is an adjective.

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