R.I.P. – Niche Marketing Mistakes Killed My Business!

Niche marketing is one of the most important and useful fields in marketing which will allow you to maintain an advantage over your competition and profit significantly from your efforts, all while your competition is left struggling. The amount of return you get on an investment depends completely on which methods you use, there is no better or more precise technique than focusing on niche marketing. There are many cases of successful niche marketers that only have control over a seemingly small part of the market, but are profiting immensely. Or you could be like almost everybody else and try to compete in massive markets against an abundance of competition and find you get nowhere. This is why you must carefully craft your efforts so that you will achieve the exponential success you desire. To be successful in niche marketing there are a few things you need to look out for. In this space, we will examine some of the more common mistakes that can cost you and help you find ways to avoid them.

Anyone in the early stages of discovering how to do internet marketing is likely to feel uncertain and disorganized when it comes to selecting a distinct niche. You are going to be able to pick from thousands upon thousands of different products, so the first mistake you shouldn’t make is trying to gather too much information. Tried and true strategies exist for selecting a niche and deciding on an item that successfully attracts tangential customers. The best way to keep from becoming bloated with information is to simply take a start. Understand that success in any marketing strategy is defined in terms of numbers and nothing more. You should find a niche that seems to be catered to you, and then you will begin to see profit. Significant trial and error may be necessary before the ideal niche is identified. Testing upwards of 50 different niches before finding a handful that actually work is not entirely unheard of. Delving into niche marketing, you will see that it is a constant learning experience. Jumping in and getting started is really the only way you will know if you can be successful.

Although niche marketing is proven to be successful, if you offer your product at the wrong price or your service at the wrong rate, you will go no where. Many online marketers put in the effort, spend time and invest money into creating or finding a good product/service they can sell online. They also invest untold amounts of money on the marketing side of things. Regardless of these things they have done, their product will fail if they offer the wrong price for their product.

It turns out to be either too high or just too low. If you offer your product at a sky high price, then people won’t see the value in it and not buy it. Conversely, if you offer the product at too low a price you will sell plenty, but you will not make profit from it. You have to price your product so that you are giving your customers a deal and turning a profit at the same time. The only way to find out the right price is to test. If you want, you can increase the value of your offer and make it worth it.

Even though niche marketing is a rather broad term, you are going to be able to target small audiences in a huge way. Once you have dominated the niche you choose, you can move on to another and begin to build up your business. The only way for you to do that is to keep from making the common mistakes outlined in this article.

Setting Your Rates – Ideas And Techniques For Getting This Accomplished

What price do you charge for your services? This is something that every business person struggles with. This is a question that both internet and offline business owners have to find a answer for. It’s true-even Internet Marketers struggle over how to figure out how much to charge. This is because so much stuff is floating around on how to charge prices that is not true. In addition, it obvious that certain prices will be satisfactory, so it is understandable that this will be confusing. The following suggestions can help you with this problem.

When first approached by a potential client to get a quote on a product or service, you’re tempted to give a ballpark figure. This is a sticky situation. You really don’t want to lowball the offer as you will end up working too hard to earn so little cash. Choosing a price point that is much too high will have the opposite effect – people will run in the other direction. Starting with a higher end price is probably where you want to go. Make sure, however, that you tell your potential client or buyer that you are just giving an estimate or a range. Tell them that the number is going to change and get more pinpointed when you find out more about your project. You can you could look here for more info.

Working in trade is not a good idea. This means that you shouldn’t offer your product or services in exchange for something that someone else has to offer in lieu of accepting payment. Sometimes this can work out in your favor. You can get something that you need in exchange for some of your time. In many cases you will get things that you don’t need or want in exchange, which is why you should usually not do this.

Whatever you sell, monetary payment is usually the best thing to get. Without a doubt, turning these offers down is the best thing you can do.

Motivating buyers is easy – offer pricing packages from time to time. Offering a package like this can put you on the spot, regardless of the product or service you are offering in the package. Comprehending what a fair price packages is important. It’s all about providing a fair package for the buyer as well as yourself. The package needs to be amicable for you, and also a great deal for your customers. Make sure that you have this balance when you put the package together. Come and see it in action here for more info.

There are different things that you have to consider when pricing your products. These suggestions will get you on the right track. With plenty of practice, you will learn how to price your products correctly.

What Are Some Career Planning Tools?

Career Planning ToolsWhile it may be entirely possible to just put on some good clothes, walk out the door and stumble into a job that pays well, most successful job seekers have put together a kit of career planning tools that made the task more efficient. The key, of course, is to know which tools to include in that kit.

One of the basic items in each and every bag of career planning tools should be an organized, complete resume. But there should always be more than one copy in the kit. In fact, most career counselors urge having more copies of the resume available than you think you will need. Don’t be caught without a resume in a situation that could open doors to a new career. As part of the resume tool, plan to submit your resume by electronic means (email, Web site). Many experts in the career-planning field note that a few employers discourage paper resumes.

A key part of every resume, usually found near the top of the first page, is the statement of objective. This key item helps the job seeker focus on personal goals as well as the needs of the company applied to. With a little twist, the statement of objective can be one of the career planning tools that may open some doors. In this case, the idea is to create a mission statement, a set of directions for the trip.

This key item in the collection of career planning tools can help the young job seeker commit to a course and stick to it. In addition, a well-written career mission statement can be just the item necessary to help an experienced person make the career change needed. Some people may be able to pursue a career by simply stating, “I know what I want to do.” However, a concise mission statement may just provide the focus necessary to keep the job seeker on track.

In the last couple of decades, numerous companies and colleges allow programs that will help the job seeker to narrow down their options and find the appropriate path toward career success. It might be smart to incorporate a planning guide or career test within the set of career planning tools. For instance, some colleges provide such guides to students in addition to people from the public (usually for a small fee). These guides may include questions that can help the task seeker concentrate on a job path, in addition to explanations of numerous careers. These well-developed programs can help the job seeker both in growing and thinning career options, in addition to assisting the applicant in understanding where individual options often lead.

These are just a handful of the many excellent career-planning tools available. As one counselor advises, don’t go out there alone!

HR Theories About Online Recruitment

HR Theories About Online RecruitmentOnline recruitment for employment has been around for a few years now and is quite successful and effective for both the employer and the employees. They have been different opinions on the use of online recruitment from both ends. There are also HR theories about online recruitment. They have both pros and cons about this internet job service.

One of the HR theories about online recruitment is that it is definitely going to be the way of the future. Many Human Resource representatives in businesses like the use of online recruitment because it allows them to find qualified applicants in a matter of minutes. With the traditional method of looking for employees, a job posting needs to be put in the newspaper and must be run in the paper for a certain amount of time. Then there is the usual calling, setting up interviews and then performing them. This needs to be done each time a new job position is open.

HR theories about online recruitment are that a lot of time can be saved with online recruiting. Qualified applicants can be retrieved from the database in a manner of minutes. Either the HR representative can call them or a referral agent, if one is being used. The qualified applicants that show up on the database are current, whereas, pulling paper applicants from previous openings may result in applicants no long available or looking for work. A lot of time as well as workforce has been wasted in this manner. With the assistance of a referral agent from the online recruitment service, much of the initial interviewing is taken place immediately, again saving time for the company.

One concern that the HR Department of most businesses has is that the company needs to remember to post certain of the laws on their online recruiting site such as Equal Opportunity Employer, etc. Additional HR theories about online recruitment are that many companies online forget to take care of this, feeling if it’s posted on their physical job location, it’s sufficient. Legal liabilities need to be considered anytime there is employment involved.

As positive as most of the reviews involving online recruitment have been, there are still some HR theories about online recruitment that indicate that they are not 100% in favor or the process. Many HR Representatives believe that only a small percentage of employees use the online recruitment services and that much more publication and advertisements need to generated to increase the amount of traffic in these sites. They also have a concern about some of the applicants, due to it all being over the internet with no real contact. Often, excess time and money is spent on an employee that appears good “on paper”, but when the face to face interview takes place, the applicant seems to be a different person.

Inspite of the few negatives involved in online recruitment, HR theories about online recruitment are still that it is the way of the future.

Language of Math


poly– means “many”
uni– and mono– mean 1
bi– means 2
tri– means 3
quad– means 4
quin– and pent– mean 5
hex– and sex– mean 6
sept– and hept– mean 7
oct– means 8
non– means 9
dec– means 10
deci– means tenth (1/10)
cent– means hundred (100)centi– means hundredth (1/100)
kilo– means thousand (1,000)milli– means thousandth (1/1,000)
mega– means milllion (1,000,000)
micro– means millionth (1/1,000,000)
mil– means thousand (1,000)
nano– means billionth (1/1,000,000,000)


gon– means “angle” (polygon = many angle)
–lateral means “side” (quadrilateral = four sides)
dia– means “across”
–meter means “measure” (Diameter—measure across the circle)

Other definitions

mile means “1,000 paces”.
million means “1,000 thousands”.
A millennium is 1,000 years.

squared means “to the second power”.
cubed means “to the third power”.

Denominate means “to name.”
Numerate means “to specify the number of…”.
The denominator of a fraction is “the name of the fraction,” and tells “the number of equal parts in the whole.”
Since the denominator gives the name of the fraction, the denominator is a noun.
The numerator of a fraction is “the number of equal parts being used.”
Since the numerator tells us “the number of,” the numerator is an adjective.